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yesssssss that episode covered the issue so well.

I just started tearing up at this Senate member who lost his primary to a Tea Partier because he said it was stupid to focus on whether or not Obama is a Socialist.

And it’s fucking scary because that’s EXACTLY how it is. We have a terrifying Tea Party movement where I live. Like, they’ve been threatening my dad (who is an elected REPUBLICAN official) because he doesn’t agree with them on all of their stupid shit. They try to get him to investigate Obama’s birth place and to come to their meetings and he always turns them down, and when he does they pull shit by saying that they would have someone run against him in his primary and stuff. It didn’t end up happening - no one ran against him so he was just reelected in June - but these crazy people just do not lay off. My parents have been saving all of their batshit emails to use against them if they ever need to.

And people think that I, and other Republicans, are like them just because we’re Republicans. But they scare the shit out of me as much as they scare the shit out of everyone else.

  1. howtocatchamonster said: really awful to have the party pulled so far right, and becoming simply an obstruction in congress, but it’s been coming since newt was speaker. the GOP will implode if it keeps going in this direction. it’s just not sustainable.
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